Berhati-hati apabila beli backlinks daripada pembekal servis SEO

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Feb 12, 2014
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Blog atau website anda mungkin kena penalti dan blacklisted.

Recommended action

First, review Google’s Webmaster Guidelines on linking.

Next, follow the steps below to identify and correct the violation(s):

  1. Download a list of links to your site from Search Console. You can download your links arranged either by hostname (Links to Your Site > Who links the most > Download more sample links) or in chronological order (Links to Your Site > Who links the most > Download latest links).
  2. Check this list for any links that violate our guidelines on linking. If the list is large, start by looking at the sites that link to you the most, or links that were created recently (in the last few months).
  3. For any links that violate our guidelines, contact the webmaster of that site and ask that they either remove the links or prevent them from passing PageRank, such as by adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute.
  4. Use the Disavow links tool in Search Console to disavow any links you were unable to get removed.

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