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May 26, 2008
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Welcome to Misscordelia's Store

Untuk maklumat lanjut/pembelian, sila hubungi:

Misscordelia (Arianti Mohd Azahari)
Tel: 012 - 356 2821
Email: [email protected]
YM: arianti_76

Pembayaran boleh dibuat melalui:

Account no: 1647 800 283 97


Account no: 1304 0044 363 522

Selepas membuat pembayaran, sila maklumkan produk yang anda beli dan jumlah pembayaran. SMS atau email nama dan alamat penuh anda dengan segera. Pemberitahuan pembayaran melalui email hendaklah dikepilkan sekali dengan bukti pembayaran. Produk akan dipos setelah pembayaran dibuat.
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May 26, 2008
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testimoni :d

saye udah pakai whitening lotion tu..
Mmg putih otometik.. Bau pon wangi.. Ehehhe!

Err kak miss bg subang tu ek?
Mati2 sy ingt mende tu pakej sama dgn magic dead cell,
maklumla sy xpenah ada lobang utk pakai subang.. Huhu!

Anyway thanks :d

akk baru hari ni pakai waist slimmer wrap tu (betul ke nama dia nih? Maleh lak nk tgk :p)

all i can say mmg sgt puas hati nk padan ngan harga dia. Senang sgt nk wrap and firm. Lg kemas dari pakai waist trimmer or korset. Sbb dia plastik jd x berlipat2 sbb elastic kan. Kurang terbelenggu ckit :)cgrock

but baru pakai ni. Lama2 loose x miss? Heheheh.. Sbb dia transparent kan td akk missed satu lipatan. Terbuntang jap mata tgk mcm pendek. Rupa2nya x terbukak abis :)paid

p/s: Kok x sampai lg magic boo. Derang htr ngan pos ekspress ke runner?
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May 26, 2008
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For those slimming products, many ppl asked: when can I see the result? can slim down by how many kg..etc. These are rather innocent. (sorry for saying this) These products are not magic tht can let u see the results in few days, etc. We all understand tht slimming is a long and hard process tht needs our continuous effort & determination. The best slimming way is we have a healthy thinking tht we needs some products’ help to achieve our targeted body shape. The description below is as per advertised

Successful trade list:

ayie85 15/12
++ shiseido blackhead nose mask - 10 pieces

anis 15/12
++ jorein mask - 10 pieces

patabeloo 18/12
++ crystal collegen eye mask - 10 pieces
++ japanese blackhead/deadcell removal - 1 unit
++ balo chilli slimming gel - 2 units

rozalind 18/12
++ jorein mask - 10 pieces
++ shiseido blackhead nose mask - 3 pieces
++ 24K gold mask - 3 pieces
++ crystal collegen eye mask - 1 piece
++ chinese herbal foot soak - 3

ina 19/12/08
++ Shiseido blackhead mask - 5 pieces
++ Crystal Collegen Eye Mask - 5 pieces
++ Jorein Mask - 1 for each types (17 pieces)

mas 24/12
++ Waist Slimming Wrap
++ Balo Chilli Slimming Gel

nadia 24/12
++ Crystal collegen eye mask - 2 units
++ I'amour Honey Choc LipGloss - 1 unit
++ Balo Chilli Slimming gel - 1 unit (85ml)
++ Waist Slimming Wrap - 1 unit

nar 30/12
++ Foot detoxication patch - 100 pieces

ummi 2/1/09
++ Foot patch - 4 patches
++ Waist slimming wrap - 1 unit
++ Balo chilli slimming gel - 1 unit

puteriwang 19/1/09
++ Foot patch - 6 patches
++ Magic Dead Cell Removal Stick - 1 unit
++ Luxurious Perfume Whitening Body Lotion - 1 unit

insyi 24/1/2009
++ Foot patch - 10 keping
++ Milk brightening eye mask - 2 keping
++ Slimming pant - 1 unit

Asfrim 28/1/2009 (Skynet 201331895601 29/1/2009)
++ Slimming Slippers x 1
++ Gel Pad heels x 1
++ Waist Slimming Wrap x 1
++ Magic Boo Hair Treatment x 5 sachets
++ Japan Cell Roller x 1

Happymior 28/1/2009 (EN122719658MY - 29/1/2009)
++ Feet Soaking Powder x 1
++ Small Face Sticker x 1
++ Bamboo Salt Eye Mask x 2
++ Crystal Lips Mask x 1
++ Whitening SPA Salt for Armpit & Bikini Area x 1
++ Multi-functions Eye Shade x 1
++ NEW Slimming Toe Ring x 1
++ LOHASHILL Essential B.B x 1

kirana86 30/1/2009
++ Japan COGIT Magic Seat x 1
++ Feet Soaking Powder x 2
++ Magic Dead Cell Removal Stick x 1
++ Cosmetology Detoxification Foot Patch x 10
++ Gel Pad For Heels x 1
++ Heels Liner x 1
++ Milk Brightening Eye Mask x 2
++ magic boo x 2

okawa 3/2/2009 (EN122894039MY)
++ SHILLS Invisible New Bra Breast Beautification Up Mousse
++ Slimming Toe Rings

Rima 4/2/2009
++ Balo SLimming Gel

ima 10/2/2009 (skynet 201331914895)
++ shiseido nose mask x 2
++ feet soaking powder x 2
++ magic painless hair removal x 1
++ deadcell removal stick x 1
++ japan cell roller x 1
++ foot file x 1
++ nano face towel x 1
++ face roller x 1

maisarah 11/2/2009 (EN122899760MY)
++ Balo chilli slimming gel x 1
++ Foot patch x 10
++ New slimming toe ring x 1

cryingsoul 11/2/2009 (EN122899623MY)
++ Fresh orange VC Whiten Beautify MAsk x 2pcs
++ Balo Chili Slimming Gel 85ml x 1
++ 24K Active Golden Yulan oil Facial MAsk x 2pcs
++ 360 Slimming camisol size L x 1
++ 24K Active gold Eye Mask with Botanical Essence x 4
++ Crystal Lips Mask x 1

azlina 11/2/2009 (LX421639280MY)
++ foot patch x 10
++ rice day soap (green gram) x 1
++ magicboo x 5

anis_sofea 12/2/2009 (skynet 201323771644)
++ Balo Chilli Slimming Gel (85ml) x 1
++ Waist Slimming Wrap x 1
++ Legs Slimming Wrap x 1
++ Heels Liner 1Pair x 1
++ Multi Function Slimming Pants (Size XL) x 1
++ But Tiden (Size XL) x 1

are yong 23/2/2009
++ Balo Chilli Slimming Gel x 1
++ Tooth whitening powder x 1

serena ti 3/3/2009 (LX389609337MY)
++ Shiseido nose mask x 2
++ Charcoal mask x 2
++ Crystal collagen eye mask x 2

anisa 2/3/2009
++ slimming balo gel x 2
++ new sliiming toe ring x 6
++ shiseido nose mask x 4
++ crystal collegen eye mask x 4
++ Eye shape x 2
++ Waist slimming wrap x 2
++ Legs slimming roller x 1

norihan 10/3/2009 (LX389609408MY)
++ Crystal collagen eye mask x 2

bibi 20/3/2009 (EN186412508MY)
++ Queen mint julep mask
++ eye shaper

jun 25/3/2009
++ Balo Chilli Slimming Gel (250ml)
++ 360° Slimming Camisol (size L)

nura 8/4/2009
++ Foot patch
++ Balo Chilli Slimming Gel
++ Tooth whitening powder

mylaiwan 21/5/09 (Skynet 201342938226)
++ 2nd Generation Care Plus Smoothing Pre-Makeup Cream 3g
++ Luxurious Perfume Whitening Body Lotion
++ Eyebrow Growth Pencil
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May 26, 2008
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Freezing Fresh Exquisite Pore Facial Mask
RM2.80/per piece

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1250731408_thumb.jpg

~ Innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a "Freezing and fresh film" on the surface of skin instantly, give skin fresh and freezing feeling, mulruple exquisie pore essence ingredients can rapidly active the cells of bottom skin, exquisite pore and improve the dry and rough phenomena of skin, specially added the chesnut fruit moisturizing essence directly infiltrate into the root of corneal layer, protect the water contents of self-skin. Skin will be no longer dry but will be watery and look smooth always.

Wild Rose Arousing Comfortable Mask
RM2.80/per piece

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1245430956_thumb.jpg
~ Can form a protective film on the surface of skin
~ Persistently rebirth cells
~ Promote the regeneration of skin, let skin own then tender facility and bright luster

Strawberry Moistening Bright Mask

(Please state rice, pumpkin or green gram)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1245431002_thumb.jpg

Bamboo Activating Whitening Facial Mask
per piece

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251259995_thumb.jpg
~ Deeply clean dirt and oil of pores, eliminate acnes, comedones and unblock the pores
~ Can soften horniness to enable skins to freely respire and make it nourished, moisturized and refreshed

Cherry Beautify Ruddy Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1247708450_thumb.jpg

~ Prevent water contents losing, double improve the dry skin and hydropenic state
~ effectively reduce the fine wrinkles.
~ Let your skinis white and ruddy easily

Milk Whiten Smooth Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248352408_thumb.jpg
~ Contain polyploid water contants and vitamin B3, persistently give skin to release the moisture, the skin is white and smooth, moistening and tender with lucidus just like milk after nourishing

Ginseng Active Repair Moistening Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248343182_thumb.jpg
~ Contain abundant brass element and vitamin C, provide full nutrients for skin and enhance the elasticity of skin, let skin is enduring tender, ruddy and healthy when enduring using

O-Water Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1250671060_thumb.jpg
~ Active Oxygen Spring Cleansing & Moisturising
~The natural spring of active oxygen contains rich nutrition needful for skins: mineral microelements, bicarbonate ion, vitamins B5, and so on. It has the function of relaxing, mourishing skins and maintaining the oxygen consumed in metabolism of cells. Using the mask, you'll feel like immerged into the refreshing seawater and regain vital force.

Mineral Mud Active Regeneration Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251259899_thumb.jpg
~ Contain Chinese Traditional medicine herb essence can effectively active skin and adjust complexion, let damage cells restore to resilient, present healthy and great-hearted skin

8 Cups Of Water Mask
RM2.80/ small packet

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251260097_thumb.jpg
~ Moisturizing and moistening the skin
~ Inflammation diminishing and acne dispelling
~ Whitening and speckle removing
~ nourishing and anti-wrinkle[/B]

Lavender Hydrating Ease Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249952830_thumb.jpg
~ Active the water contents in the bottom of dermis, transport water contents from deep skin and seal on the surface of skin, infuse moisturising power layer by layer, let skin tender & watery for whole day, special added lavender help to relax & pressure caused by environment and emotion, ease tired skin, comfortable.

8-Cup Water Effective Aqua Whitening Face Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248741716_thumb.jpg
~ Active skin, completely replenish water, nourish skin ans make sjin smooth, white and tender

Strawberry + Yogurt Facial Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249796305_thumb.jpg

~Deep moisturising and very good whitening effect

Blackhead Removing Nose Paste

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1245676776_thumb.jpg
~ Can fully permeate via the microcirculation of the human body to quilckly clear away dirty, acnes and blackhead out of hair follicle of the nose.
~ It can instantly and fully supply nutrients, and nourish and whiten skin
1. First facial cleansing products thoroughly washed dirt, grease.
2. Remove the nose paste, the first water wet paste nose.
3. And then affixed to the formation of nasal loaded affixed to the nose, a finger pressed.
4. Nose to nose along the direction of the air from the nose and paste close to the nose.
5. Wait paste dry nose, from the nose on both sides of the nose to start off slowly paste, about 10-15 minutes in summer, other seasons to wait about 5-10 minutes

Instructions: Pour the seakelp seeds into a clean small bowl, pour in use warm water or ice water about 1/3 bowl, make it into a face shape, remember to create holes for eyes and nose, take off after 30mins, now, look at mirror to see the HUGE difference![/B]

Taiwan Puliama Pure Natural Invisible Mask - Lavender & Lemon

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1242960741_thumb.jpg
~ 2 choices: Lavender (Moisturising), Lemon (Refreshing)
~ This mask also known as mask for lazy bump, can be used for face & even whole body. Can remove deadskin cell, whole body will be like after waxing, smooth & fair, back to youth time!
~ Whiten, lighten black spots, moisturize, reduce fine lines, tighten skin, reduce acne & improve acne-prone skin
~ Sterilize, relieves tiring skin, stop itchiness
~ Can keep for 1 yr. new stocks arrived every 1 month
~ Ingredients: Rice, natural yeast, 12 natural plant herb extract formula

How to use:
1. Shake the bottle well b4 using, apply on clean face, wait 30mins, use water to clean off.
2. Usage frequency depends on personal skin type (recommended to use 2-3 times per day)
3. Recommended not to use together with sheet mask, just spray on face alone

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque oney Egg White Purifying Facial Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1240620966_thumb.jpg
This original masque treatment helps to dry up acne pimples, rinses away blackheads and even shrinks enlarged pores.

Cleanse face and neck thoroughly. Apply masque generously over affected area and allow to dry for about 10~15 minutes. Soak a washcloth with a little bit of water and remove it. Skin will be quite dry after that, apply toner and moisturizers as a last step. Use 1~2 times per week.

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May 26, 2008
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http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-66/post-187166-1219234825_thumb.jpg

RM3.00 per piece


Functions: Whitening, hydrating & moisturizing effects. Restores your skin to its youthfulness.


Functions: Specially formulated for dry & dehydrated skin.


Functions: Improves skin elasticity, Controls pigment formation, Whitening & Nourishing so u'll have a peaceful night rest.


Functions: Derived its mineral content from volcanic mountains. Purge out toxins, removes dead cells, tightens skin & controls your excessive oil production


Functions: Whitens your skin tone & lightening of skin pigmentation. Suppresses the formation of melanin



Functions: Whitens & reduces skin pigmentation. Improves skin by purging out toxin


Functions: Keep your skin nourishes with lotsa vitamins & minerals derived from the sea water


Functions: Improves darker skin tone for a fairer u!


Functions: Nourishes skin while reducing the veins effects for fairer people


Functions: For very dull/tired/dehydrated skin



Functions: Has whitening effects. Removes dead cells, pore cleansing effect


Functions: Clears up oily skin. Suitable for oily/combination skin

High Bright Whitening

Functions: Evens up your skin tone, controls the formation for melanin/pigmentation. Suitable for fine line, dull/tired skin. Improves blood circulation

Rose Fruit mask - High Moisturizing


Functions: All time favourite, Retains hydration, brightens skin, improves skin elasticity. Contains lotsa Natural Rose Fruit Essence that smells really good!


Buy 10 JOREIN MASK only at RM27 inclusive postage!

:)paid :)paid
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May 26, 2008
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Organic products
Introductory Price – Love your skin with organic
Brand: Organic Beauty Bank/ Shenoes
Manufacturer: Haw Tian Cosmetic Co LTD (prestigious manufacturer)
Origin: Taiwan

All raw materials used in the formulation of the skincare have obtained QAI and IASC approval
This is a new 100 % organic product launching all over Malaysian soon. Result Assured.

Main ingredients: ORGANIC aloe vera and ORGANIC glycol (olive)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222312160_thumb.jpg

Price: RM3.80 per piece (market price RM5.80)
Domestic postage: RM0.50 - RM2.50 (1-9 pieces)

Apply to face for 15- 30 minutes. Hydrating, whitening and refreshing skin. Can see result immediately!!!!

7 types of masks:

Green tea - anti- oxidant, refreshing, oil-balancing, hydrating, whitening, soothing, clear acne

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222497748_thumb.jpg
Ingredients: green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, Lavender extract,
Aloe Vera, Ivy Extract ,Propylene Glycol, methyiparaben, Water
Lavender - cleansing, toning, removes redness, relaxing, clear acne ,soothing(70 pcs only while stock end)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222498215_thumb.jpg

Ingredients: Lavender Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, BGlycerine ,Propylene Glycol, Methyiparaben, Water, Trisodium EDTA, Propylene Gycol, Water Methylisothiazolinine, Liquorice Extract

Rose -rejuvenate, relaxing, hydrating, whitening

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222498273_thumb.jpg

Ingredients: Rose Essential Oil, Rose Water, Aloe Gel, ,Propylene
Glycol, methyiparaben, Water Trisodium EDTA,
Methylisothiazolinine, Glycerine

Hyaluronic acid - moisturising, retaining water, hydrating

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222498397_thumb.jpg

Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, WaterCress Extract,
Aloe Vera, Propylene Glycol, Methyiparaben, Seaweed Extract,
Methylisothiazolinine, Trisodium EDTA, Tomato Extract , Water

Collagen - natural protein for structural support, reduce wrinkle

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-28/post-92528-1222498559_thumb.jpg

Ingredients: Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Seaweed
Extract ,Lotus Extract, Propylene Glycol, Methyiparaben, Water
Methylisothiazolinine, Matricaria Extract

Ginseng - stimulate facial blood circulation and to refresh the skin cell (free

Ingredients: Ginseng Extract, Ivy Extract, Aloe Extract, Sodium
Hyaluronate, Propylene Glycol, Methyiparaben, 1,2-Dibromo-2,4-


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May 26, 2008
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Shiseido Peel-off Black Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1253786749_thumb.jpg
~Helps to remove blackheads and shrink pore size! !
1. Cleanse your skin as usual.
2. Exfoliate your skin. (Optional, but it would be recommended for the best results)
3. Steam your face (Strongly recommended.)
4. Dry your face.
5. Gently massage mask evenly over dry face. (Avoid your hairlines, areas around eyes, lips, and eyebrows)
6. Leave on for 30 minutes/or until completely dried before peeling off gently.(Peel against your hair growth direction.)
7. Apply toner, serum, and moisturizer.

Shiseido Whitening Essence Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249290197_thumb.jpg
~ renewable living cells to restore the white skin top results
Cleansing --> put the mask --> approximately 20 minutes --> take down the mask -->apply moisturizer
Suggestion : long-term usage one week, effect is better

Crystal Collagen Neck Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1253364695_thumb.jpg

Crystal Collagen Eyes Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1253364641_thumb.jpg

24K Active Gold Eye Mask with Botanical Essence

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251260315_thumb.jpg

Bamboo Salt Eye Mask

~ Added the active cell ferment
~ Anew arounse the activity of skin
~ Give skin abundant nutrients rapidly
~ Let skin is tender, white and great-hearted

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251260332_thumb.jpg

Kiwi Fruit Eye Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248794088_thumb.jpg
~ Effectively promote cells generation
~ Powerfully decompose surplus fat and water, gradually remove eye bags and edema, obviously relieve eye fatigue caused by various reasons, replenish nutrition, firm droopy eye skin, boost luster and make eye skin tender and firm

Crystal Lip Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1242059122_thumb.jpg
~ This item is being supplied to many popular beauty saloon in Taiwan.
~ Specially pre-moistened with phyto-collagen, derived, derived exclusively by bio-fermentation technology, which has been proved to its pawer of Collagen replenishment. Deep moisturizing and wrinkle smoothing.

Rolanjona VC Whitening Sleeping Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252418651_thumb.jpg
~ Active and brighten skin, make skin white and ruddy

Taiwan Puli-ama Pure Natural Invisible Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-33/post-57433-1237356213_thumb.jpg
- Pls state your choice: Lemon (Fresh), Lavender (Moisturising), Red Wine Q10 (Whitening) - 30ml
- taiwan gals said this is even more moisturize than 'skx'
- 2008 Latest purple color anti-fake packaging, Pls be careful!
- this mask also known as mask for lazy bump, can be used for face & even whole body. Can remove deadskin cell, whole body will be like after waxing, smooth & fair, back to youth time!
- whiten, lighten black spots, moisturize, reduce fine lines, tighten skin, reduce acne & improve acne-prone skin
- sterilize, relieves tiring skin, stop itchiness
- ingredients: Rice, natural yeast, 12 natural plant herb extract formula

How to use:
1. shake the bottle well b4 using, apply on clean face, wait 30mins, use water to clean off.
2. usage frequency depends on personal skin type (recommended to use 2-3 times per day)
3. recommended not to use together with sheet mask, just spray on face alone

DIY Sheet Mask
RM5.50 for 10

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1243907725_thumb.jpg

DIY 4 in 1 Beauty Set

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251213491_thumb.jpg
~ mask stick, mask bowl, mask brush & gaugex3

Magic Hair Sponge Curler Soft Cute Balls -6 pc (Strawberry)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249218635_thumb.jpg
~ Create natural & bouncy curly hair. Wet hair with some water or mousse, put on the hair curlers and blow dry with hair dryer.
~ Alternatively, just sleep with the curlers on overnight and hair will be curly the next day.

Magic fringe Holder

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1240621915_thumb.jpg
Dariya, a renowned leading cosmetic company in Japan, once again utilizes a patent technology to create this new, unique and innovative product- Fringes Holding Magic Sheets. Best selling beauty product in Japan.
Available color : blue, pink & black
- 2 sheets in a pack
- Unlike the traditional hair clips, the tiny velcro-like hooks of the sheet grip your fringe and hold it in place without leaving any unsightly dents or marks on your hair.
- This sheet can be used to keep hair out of your face whenever you are washing your face, applying make-up or skincare without messing up your hair
- The sheet is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around, thus makes this the perfect travel companion

Japan Lucky Hair Curler

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1244131147_thumb.jpg

DIY Magic Hair Curler Comb

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248178118_thumb.jpg
~ Packet: 2 curler, 1 handle, diameter:41MM
~ New technology - faster heat effect
~ Instruction: slightly wet your hair, curl your hair and release the handle. to hold the curler firmer, can use with the help of hair pins. brow dry with hair dryer with low/ medium heat

Brush Tooth Comb

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248743030_thumb.jpg
~ Tooth are spreaded as fan-shaped with 5-7 row. It is more suitable for the long hair or permanent wave
~ Often used can make the hair more soft and glossy

Thermal Conductor magnalium 3 in 1 Comb

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1250729439_thumb.jpg
- 3 in 1: straighten hair, curl hair, dry hair
- Recommended by japan av star Ai Himeno
- Special thermal conductor design, contains 400 conductor holes, helps balancing heat to every single hair
- tiny combs at the same time massage your scalp, reduces the dandruff production effectively & promotes the hair growth

Phone String Rubber Band

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1240470298_thumb.jpg

Magic Hair Drying Towel

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1253366821_thumb.jpg
~ Special design towel that can absorb more water on your hair.
~ Suitable for thick and long hair which their hair have to takes long time to dry.
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May 26, 2008
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Olive Dynamic Moisture Elastic Element Hair Care

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251214452_thumb.jpg
~ The effectiveness of the role: the natural moisture containing soft factor, amino acids, silicone oil, nutrients can be quickly infiltrated the inner layer of hair, hair repair phosphorus organizations, nourish hair follicles, activation of hair cells, hair re-structure, so full of hair care and treatment the rationale, so that more healthy hair soft and full of elastic and glossy.
Application method: Takes right amount this rubs after the palm, wipes on the roots of the hair or the hair slightly the modelling then.

Olive Oil Hair Mask (600ml)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252287137_thumb.jpg
~Ingredients: olive oil, moisturizing shiny factor, shea butter, sunflower, almond oil
~Efficacy: Deep moisturizing formula to provide adequate moisture for hair and extra water to keep moisture and reduce moisture loss

Usage: Wash hair, the check amount of the goods applied evenly on the hair, gently massage 2-3 minutes, until 5-8 minutes after the rinse with water. (May be appropriate to extend the time in order to penetrate deep into the active ingredient.) Hot towel to clean the effect of heat especially after the water.

Waist Slimming Wrap


- High sticking performance.
- Comfortable. Body hugging type.
- Beautifully shape your dream skinny legs.
- Easy to use. Can be wash. Can be re-use.

Legs Slimming Wrap


- same description as Waist Slimming Wrap

2nd Generation Care Plus Smoothing Pre-Makeup Cream 3g

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249387905_thumb.jpg[
~ Effectively hide flaws. It helps to control oil and hides your imperfection. It enable makeup to stay on without fading for 12 hours.

1. Effectively absorbs oil
2. Guards 100% against water & perspiration
3. Easy to apply and feels light on the face
4. Effectively hide flaws
5. Able to showcase the characteristics of the micro-powder

How to use:
Before make up, squeeze one drop of cream onto palm and use finger to spread evenly onto face. Easy and fast absorption by your face

Height Increment Pad
RM17/ pair

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-33/post-57433-1226249020_thumb.jpghttp://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-33/post-57433-1226249415_thumb.jpg

* This is 5 layers, not previosuly 3 layers
- made of 4 layers of massage pad + 1 layers of height increment pad = 9mm+8mm+8mm+8mm+8mm = 4.1cm
* real item is slightly different than posted pic
- pad's width 6.1cm
- unisex
- 3 in 1 functions: massage+height increment+protect heels

Monplay Double Side Concealer

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249958335_thumb.jpg
~ 2 ends of different concealer colours: Ivory & Nude
~ Can use different ends to apply in different area
~ Made up with vitamin C & E (has anti-oxidising properties); effectively protects the skin against free radicals and prevents premature aging
~ Passed skin, eye & sensitivity tests. Doesn't have any added fragrances as well

Japan Privacy OnePoint Pore Concealing Powder

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1243762815_thumb.jpg
★ Helps to minimize & cover pores, pimple scar and absorbs excess oil to give a flawless finish & radiant look.
★ Perfectly covers up pores & pimples (without clogging up pores). Powder foundation in a sleek compact with a generous mirror. Comes with an extra refill, meaning 2 for the price of 1!

Pink - Natural skin tone with yellow undertones.
Blue - Fair skin tone with pink undertones.

DΛNNI 48 Color Palettes Eye Shadow Sets

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1253018712_thumb.jpg

Multi-functions Eye Shade

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-33/post-57433-1225215910.jpg

- Pls state : pink,orange, or white .
- hot selling in Japan
- multi functions: moisturize eyes coz it has SQUALAN ingredient, helps u sleep comfortably.
- 100% cotton, very comfy
- the ears holding part also soft n comfy, unlike usual sleeping eye mask
- just wear it while sleeping

LA EAU Mini 3D Eyeliner Pen

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1240727770_thumb.jpg

100% ORIGINAL Balo Chilli Slimming Gel (Free Yili Balo BB Cream)
RM17.90/ 300ml RM22.90

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1242799985_thumb.jpg
~ Helps to break down excess fats, stimulates the blood and lymph circulation and accelerates the metabolism, help get rid of fats faster
~ Suitable for all types of skin. Apply to areas with fats, cellulite and anywhere which you think needs some slimming down (e.g. arms, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, thigh). Massage in an upwards direction.

Note: You will feel a heating sensation 15 mins after applying. Do not use too many times and different people may experience varying degrees of heat due to skin type. If you feel it's too hot for you to bear, use a cooling agent like aloe Vera gel to cool your skin.
ngredients: Natural red pepper oil, natural beeswax, natural ginger extract, seaweed essence, carbopol, tea, EDTA.

Balo Coffee Slimming Gel (Free Yili Balo BB Cream)

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251213123_thumb.jpg
~ Same as Balo Chili Body Slimming Gel with EXTRA function
~ This one has firming effect and it's not that "HOT" like Chili Body Slimming Gel.
~ So to those who can't really stand the "HOT / BURN" can take the Coffee flavor one.

INGREDIENT OF BALO : Natural red pepper oil, natural beeswax, natural ginger extract, seaweed essence, carbopol, tea, EDTA..
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apan KOSE Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask 22 sheets

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252568137_thumb.jpg
~ Coenzyme Q10 mixing. It is concentrated caring mask only of competing of five minutes.
~ Enriching infiltrates the horny layer, and it leads to the bare skin that is glossy and filled with the energies feeling. It is a profitable box type.
Usage: Put on the mask on face for 5-10 minutes and no need to rinse then apply lotionrity.

JAPAN KOSE Clear Turn White Essence Whitening Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252568091_thumb.jpg
~New design with eye area

The adlay extract and vitamin C conductor infiltrate deliberately. It is a mask led to a fresh white skin in which a transparent feeling exists only in putting for only five minutes on the face. It is a profitable box type.
Put on the mask on face for 5-10 minutes and no need to rinse then apply lotion

Liyanshijia Ginkgo Crystal White Sleep Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1249957504_thumb.jpg
~ Gingko whitening nutrition essence, contain original ecology flavanone and natural amino acid, provide skin sufficient whitening nutrition energy, can sleep to whiten skin at night, downplay & repel defect, spot, restore white clear skin

Rolanjona VC Whitening Sleeping Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252418651_thumb.jpg
~ Active and brighten skin, make skin white and ruddy

Rolanjona Strawberry Nourishing Sleeping Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252922370_thumb.jpg
~ Powerfully nourish and tender skin, make skin moist and smooth

Liyanshijia Bottle Fruits Sleeping Mask

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1248342656_thumb.jpg
Please state type: Honey (whitening), Pomegranate (firming & smoothening), Green tea (refreshing), Strawberry (moisturising), Cherry (pores tightening)

Dodora Pore-Free Finish Hydrate BB Cream

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1243760107_thumb.jpg

Flamingo Mascara Fibre Set

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1245937192_thumb.jpg
~ Consists of 1 black waterproof mascara & 1 fibre
~ Mascara is 7ml
~ Fibre is 0.8gram
~ Lengthen by an unbelievable 300%

- Apply mascara followed by fibre before mascara dry up & apply mascara again

Mascara Main Ingredients: Honey, Palm Tree Wax (Acts as a thickener), Cellulose Derivatives

Monplay Eye Liner

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252993876_thumb.jpg
~ Waterproof and easy Decoloration

Square Head Pearl White Liner

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251820013_thumb.jpg

Pearl White Liner

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1251526528_thumb.jpg

Blink Liquid Silver Eyeliner

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1252829588_thumb.jpg

Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Stick

http://s.ugly racist toilet/uploads//attach-42/post-54342-1241191736_thumb.jpg
~ Pure Natural Skin Moisturizer • Imported From U.S.A

~100% pure Cocoa Butter to helps soothes, softens and moisturizes dry, chapped or irritated skin. Natural protection for skin over-exposed to sun or wind. Helps reduce stretch marks and scars.

100% pure Cocoa Butter with nothing added.

Use immediately following exposure to the sun and wind. Ideal for hands, elbows, knees, it can be used for both body and face too. Widely recommended for stretch marks, during and after pregnancy. Use daily for a soft youthful appearance.
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