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To Sell Beautee Collagen Silk Mask Promotion! For the BUSY YOU!

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Apr 20, 2010
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For November 2010 only!
For a busy you, we have a special promotion on our face mask. "Need not wash after mask." If you like it this way, choose our Beautee Collagen Silk mask, 5 pieces at RM30, FREE nose/eye mask (your choice!)
(If you find any website that gives a better deal, WE WILL MATCH IT! Just let us know the website where you got the information.)

The natural nutrition :~ rich in 18 kinds of silk amino acids, can be effective in promoting skin collagen production, strengthen cell adhesion and make skin more resilient. It will refine, whiten, moisturise, smooth and enhance radiance to you skin.

Direction to Use:
After cleansing, remove mask from packaging. You can see this piece of mask comes with 3 layers. The silk mask is in the middle.

First remove the blue layer, then you should lay the whole piece of mask on face, later, remove another layer with many tiny holes. Leave on face for 30 minutes.

After that, clean face, apply toner, moisturiser or sunblock.

A background on Beautee Skin Care, The Hally Shop
The Hally Shop sells Beautee skin care products for over 3 years to date. We truly believe in our Beautee products and our customers say the same!

Beautee Skin care is a great way to clean your skin effectively without spending too much! Beautee.BIZ holds products of Relian mascara, Beautee ampoules, Beautee mask or Beautee 3d mask, Beautee collagen gels, Beautee purifying mask, Beautee soothing gel, Beautee whitening lotion, Beautee slimming solution, Beautee serum, Beautee sunblock foundation and protection, Beautee purifying lotion, Beautee cleansing gel etc

We have a wide range of products to satisfy your skin needs! With a great history, Beautee has been awarded the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand award and we at The Hally Shop is very proud of it!

GOOD NEWS! The Hally Shop is opening our retail shop in USJ4 very soon! Now you can drop by and check out our Beautee products and even try some samples... why not? Now you can see and feel how GOOD our products are!

Thank you!
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