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Auto Game Update, Diskless for Cybercafe & Karaoke, Game Menu 2010, QNO Multiwan


Nov 30, 2010
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Why must use MICHAELSOFT DDS Auto Game Update Turbo?

Traditional way of game updates like network administrators need to check on games websites daily, download the patches, and update every client PC. The whole updating process is both time and efforts consuming. Customers always complain why pay to the cybercafé for online and leisure, still need to help update games.

Turnover of network administrators is also affect the game updating task, and different network administrators have their own experiences. Therefore, the risk of virus attacks is still there, whenever problem arises will come up with a lot of unwanted workloads like reinstall client PCs, which seriously affect business operations and time consuming.

Have you ever feel tired on all these repetitive and never ending updating workloads? Now, you can pass this tedious work to us and let us take care for you. By this, you are able to manage your cybercafé with ease.

MICHAELSOFT DDS Auto Game Update Turbo will be a new wave of technology transformation in Malaysia; it will also be an indispensable tool for future trends in cybercafé industry. MICHAELSOFT DDS Auto Game Update Turbo will automatically update the games by schedule on your choices to achieve games updating fully without monitoring. This will greatly save human resources, also reduce the share of broadband on duplicate download. It improves overall efficiency of cybercafé.

Fully Automatic Updates, Unattended, Reduce Workload, Save Time, and Save Money. The most important thing is to reduce workloads, less problem, and minimize the risk from virus attacks. Network administrators may spend more time to deal with customers instead of dealing with machines. They can now have better interactions with customers to understand their needs, and put more efforts exploring new ideas to increase revenues. Provide the best quality service to customers.

With our custom made game menu, it completely solves the special registry issue of the game updates. We also provide the “New Game” features, whenever a new game available, it will appear automatically in your game menu. We hope to create a fully automated game update environment to the industry, to reduce the workloads of network administrators; also to reduce problems face by cybercafé owners who have one or more branches.

MICHAELSOFT DDS Diskless Solution with Auto Game Update Turbo and Latest Game Menu is your first choice! Pay less and Gain more! Minimize your network problems is always our priority!

We hereby announce the newly launched Auto Game Update "Turbo" - Fully automatic game update management.

Auto Game Update"Turbo"

No more trouble to update games, no need to update everyday or wait for new patches, reduce virus attacks. We will have our professional technical engineer do the updates for you as there is a saying that "Time is Money", so let us take care for you.

- Fully High Speed BT Downloading, Outstanding Performance, Stable and Reliable
- Support Multiple Servers Sync
- Fully Automatic Updates, Need No Staff to handle, Reduce Workload, Save Time, Save Money
- Updating Schedule on your choice, no worries about affecting other clients.
- No need to worry about download speed limit set by ISP and other powerful features.
- Registry issue when doing updates for Online Games is Solved.
- Take a look at our download speed here.
- No Limit Speed By ISP

Sale Number : +6016-695 1282

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