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Attract customers from telegram effortlessly and several times cheaper than purchases with Telegram Prime


Dec 22, 2023
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🏆 The only combine harvester for lead generation from telegram, created for entrepreneurs.
A full-cycle auto auction in one evening! The program allows you to gather an audience from Telegram for almost any business area and invite them to your group, and also allows you to convey your offer to thousands of recipients by text, link, picture, and even audio and video messages!


✔ Working with accounts in tdata and session format;ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ✔ Account registration without imposed services;
✔ One-time payment without subscription fee;ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ✔ 5 years of software development for marketing automation;
✔ More than ten successfully developing projects under your beltㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ✔ Loyal support service and more than 500 reviews.


How is our software useful for entrepreneurs:

💾 Messages will no longer be lost

To process incoming requests from all accounts (thousands of bots can chat), a single dialog box function has been created from accounts with the ability to respond to those who wrote without going to telegram, directly from the software (currently in beta test, just developed);

🚀 Split test of any niche: easy, fun and fast

If there are already competitors in telegram in your chosen niche, then thanks to the channel and chat cloner, you can copy content to your channels and chats, while changing links and materials to your own automatically. By the way, the chat cloner is now available in real time!

👑 Using the latest technology will make you head and shoulders above the competition

We are introducing new features following their appearance in Telegram. So in one of the recent updates, we implemented a boost of channel stories, added the ability to post and view stories from your bots. And the message interceptor, the generator of texts and comments - work on the Russian equivalent of ChatGPT4;

📈 Increase conversion to purchases by increasing brand loyalty

The first one (a function for writing the very first comment under posts on any channel) has built-in comment generation based on a neural network. All you have to do is brand the accounts (set the logo and company name in the account name on the photo) and launch the software. Accounts on behalf of your company will themselves leave the very first comment under posts in the channels you select. People who click the "comment" button always see the first comment, which will increase brand awareness and the next time they touch your company, the lead will have more arguments in favor of making a deal with your company;

📢 Building social marketing from scratch

Intercept potential customers of competitors' chats or any others, thanks to the message interceptor (join target chats with accounts => enter keywords => launch => the software forwards all messages to the specified contact); recommend your products in the channel comments (the first supports changing the message after publication);

🎯 Will increase the accuracy of your hypotheses

Gathering an audience on the last visit will allow you to gather the most active audience for a speedy response; you can collect those who wrote to the chat in the last N-days or N-time, which will allow you to gather the most involved and interested audience; even if there is no non-public link in the chat, you can transfer a personal account to the software and gather an audience from the chat/ channel without having a link, by selecting in the list;

😎 The company will have a face

The unique function of sending video messages in a circle (mp4 format) will allow you to send a "talking head" via chats or in a personal account on a white database; account branding will allow you to set a logo on a photo, a company name in a name, a link in an account bio - more contacts with the company - more sales;

🧲 Closes the deal even when you are asleep

A branched answering machine will allow you to set up the work of bots in non-stop mode. It is enough for you to analyze the existing dialogues, add triggers and answers to them, and you will forget about losing customers after hours. And the profile transfer function will allow you to transfer the configuration to other employees for scaling or delegating tasks.

💰 Robs competitors by stealing hot leads from under their noses

The auto-invite of those who joined the specified group allows you to take someone else's audience into your chats, and auto-sending to newly joined users will send messages to these users. Intercept hot leads from chats and even from comments in the channel!

In the near future, you will be able to fully automate sales in telegram!

- Account autoregistrator for an Android pair, transferring accounts from a computer / phone and back (supports authorization by QR code);
- The counter of sent SMS in the dashboard of accounts (you can filter and see how many and which of the accounts sent in your life)
- Smart account management panel with the ability to brand the sender (using proper names, images on avatars);
- Improved collection of channels and chats from web search (now language bindings are used, many search engines, a new system for sorting channels and chats, as well as a filter by the number of users) and Filtering by subscribers in the chat parser
- The ability to specify channels for collecting comments in a list;
- The parser gathers an audience from any Telegram groups/chats. It supports parsing of those who wrote in the chat and left comments on the channel, filtering users by criteria to more accurately determine the target audience;
- The number checker for the presence of telegrams allows you to check your database of phone numbers for the presence of a messenger for a subsequent invite or sending messages on them;
- Sending messages. Send thousands of messages to your personal account/groups/secret chats in minutes. When sending messages, text formatting is supported, hiding links in the text and sending reposts from the channel. The ability to limit the number of SMS messages per mailing, specify the sending limit after reaching it, the mailing stops. And thanks to the answering machine, your accounts will communicate with customers 24/7;
- Pinning messages in newsletters: now the user will see your message even with the notification turned off;
- Cheating. The software has functions for cheating bots into chats/groups/channels, as well as cheating referrals into bots, cheating reactions and views on posts and bots participating in anonymous voting;
- Invite to groups. Up to 45 users are invited from one account at a time. By reducing the number of users from your account to five, you can invite almost forever and without being banned.

When sending messages, text formatting is supported, hiding links in the text and sending reposts from the channel.

✔ Chat with the support service directly in the software - on the main page!
✔ A team of 20 people - marketers, developers and support staff.
✔ We make suggestions from users to the functionality of the program. If suddenly 150+ functions are not enough for you, ideas can be implemented!
✔ It works on the latest Layer, which means it has functionality that is not available to competitors.


Everything is as transparent as possible! Although the private chat is only available to customers, our public user chat is available to everyone 🔥 For those present, this means more new contacts and increased earnings!🔝🔝🔝

➡️ To get into it, you need to register on the site and join the community. The chat will appear on the Messages tab immediately after joining


Three-day free test:
WhatsApp: Telegram:


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A call for registration, collection of users from stories, multithreading through a proxy, html report format, reactions in story views


☆ The end time of the key on the main page
☆ Calling the registration bell (optional)
☆ Collecting users from stories from chats
☆ Multithreaded mode of cheating views through a proxy
☆ Mailing and invite reports in html format
☆ Interface Updates
☆ Reactions in story views


☆ Fixed the invite via the admin panel. Plus, pre-check of joining the chat before joining has been added.
☆ Multitasking in the dashboard has been fixed.
☆ Fixed the invite by id.
☆ Fixed story views


Contacts for purchase:

: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
Three-day test:
Telegram Prime update from 01/21/2024

Online Converter:

☆ Fixed cryptocurrency replenishment with rukassa;
☆ Added detailed statistics display;

The list of settings for json has been expanded many times.


☆ The methods of operation in the Cheat via proxy function have been expanded many times;
☆ Fixed multithreading of the proxy, in the "Cheat through proxy" function;

☆ Added a proxy reconnect in the cheat;
☆ Added a method for deleting contacts from the phone book;
☆ Updated reauthorization, added more tenacious parameters;

☆ The neural network has been updated, the quality of the processed responses is an order of magnitude wider.


Contacts for purchase:

WhatsApp: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
Three-day test:
Cumulative Update


☆ The auto-detection system for the need of a second token for auto-registration, if the SMS code consists of 5 digits, one token will be requested, if 6 digits in the SMS, then 2 tokens are requested;
☆ Rebuilt the auto-registration profile, updated languages, and expanded devices;
☆ Added flood wait before sending the code if necessary.


☆ Fixed an error with checking numbers, when the number of accounts corresponded to the accounts;
☆ Fixed an error in the spy module, when only bot logins were collected;
☆ Fixed minor bugs with reactions and SMS sending.


Contacts for Purchase:

WhatsApp: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
Three-day Trial:
Cumulative update from April 3.


☆ Enabling/disabling reactions when creating a channel;
☆ The theme of the software season has been updated;
☆ The final report on spent tokens has been added to the Auto-registration;
☆ Added the final report in the Auto-registration for the returned tokens;
☆ Added a limit on checking numbers from the account in the checker;
☆ Added a mode for cheating views through a proxy, with automatic verification of the release of new posts.


☆ Minor errors in registration;
☆ Auto creation of bots;
☆ Fixed the spam removal request;
☆ The translation has been fixed;
☆ Fixed the spamblock icon;
☆ Updated new markup for cheating views via proxy;
☆ The work of the neural network has been restored;
☆ Fixed graphical errors that caused the console to close.


Contacts for purchase:

WhatsApp: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
Test for a three-days:
The final list of updates is 1.05.2024-17.25.2024.

Updating the laer, correcting errors in the reporter and registration, etc. Adding a new neural network.


☆ The Laer has been updated to 179
☆ Fixed errors with the processing of responses in the Registration
☆ Fixed a bug in the reporter
☆ The logic of getting numbers in Auto-registration has been changed.
☆ The system of the general simcard registry has been added to exclude the intersection of 2fa and the enumeration of banned numbers by intersecting people.
☆ Fixed graphics bugs.
☆ Fixed mailing from private channels if accounts are subscribed, and the link looks like
☆ Added gmail to the registration.
We have expanded the list of devices in the registration.
☆ Fixed a bug when inviting a user with a premium stopped the stream.
☆ Lamma 3 70b added to prime (Neural Network)


Contacts for purchase:

Site: WhatsApp: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
Test for a day:
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Contacts for purchase:

WhatsApp: +79304029123
Viber: +79304029123
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