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A Very Warm Welcome


Nov 19, 2008
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Boutique Hotel Kerala is an exclusive place to be in. It is a concept that has been followed from European style of hospitality industry. We are very simple in our approach at the same time we are equally sophisticated and luxurious in making every arrangement possible for over guests.

In Boutique Hotel Kerala we never consider our guest to be just a visitor. As you check in you are given a very warm welcome. We concentrate in making you feel special. We always feel that as you are with us you get the best of the services in the industry. We are into this particular business for a long time and thus believe that it is not so easy to maintain a hard earned reputation. We are less very particular in maintaining our “boutiqueness”; and so give our best to you. Everyone who is related to this business of ours’ is very much professional and understands the value of every particular job.

There are many kinds of and various types of boutique hotels. However in case of Boutique Hotel Kerala it is its elegance and it’s hard earned reputation that makes it very special and a very happening. We here make all kinds of cultural and traditional shows for you. These are all meant to be a part of your relaxing kit.

We are very obliged to give you a very fantastic stay here in Boutique Hotel Kerala . All of our packages for your trips are made according to your choices. We keep your preferences first and then make all kinds of arrangements. We are very typical the organized kind of association whereby you get a much planned trip for visiting each and every interesting part of south India. The trips arranged by us are very much the way you prefer it to be. You can also make a selection of your own.

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