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A must-read for stock market beginners: Unveiling the false allure of and KC AI Winner's fake stock market strategies


Nov 16, 2023
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In this age of information overload, novice stock market investors are often deceived by enticing "stock market myths," and 's stock market scam is a heavy blow to them. It is not only a fraud but also a blatant disregard for integrity and a ruthless mockery of dreams.

KC Goh, a fraudster who claims to be a seasoned stockbroker, spreads his so-called "stock profit secrets" through social media and WhatsApp groups, aggressively promoting his KC Stock Selection Tool and KC AI Winner's Tool. He deceives a large number of investors seeking quick money with fabricated success stories and false influence. His actions are nothing more than a carefully planned, completely fabricated fraud.

Scam 1: Establishing trust through false identity

claims to have a weekly stock review and market analysis on 988 Radio, but official inquiries show no relevant records. Only on his own websites, such as 9 o'clock stocks, can such information be found. However, in reality, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. He uses this tactic to mislead people into believing that he is an expert in the stock market.


Scam 2: Misleading high return promises

He frequently posts so-called "insider" information about stock market investments on Facebook and WhatsApp groups, enticing people to believe that he can make quick money in the stock market. This false promise of high returns is undoubtedly a deadly temptation for those who are eager to find shortcuts in the stock market.



Scam 3: The trap of "free" bait

Another trick of is to provide so-called "free" stock market analysis, which actually leads people into his "recommended stock black group" and starts manipulating the stock market. The so-called membership fees and insider information fees he charges are nothing more than exploitative acts, and the insider information he provides is just worthless data randomly collected from the internet.



Scam 4: Disguising stock market analysis as an expert

Even worse, claims to be a seasoned stock analyst but relies on AI tools like Bing to formulate stock investment strategies. This practice is extremely irresponsible for genuine investors. Stock market analysis requires in-depth market knowledge, experience, and insight, not unreliable AI tools.


Scam 5: Manipulating the stock market with stock market tools

The KC Stock Selection Tool and KC AI Winner's Tool he promotes are actually carefully designed deceptive tools. The market information displayed by these tools intentionally lags behind, making his rise and fall judgments seem unbelievably accurate, but in reality, he is manipulating the market.

Furthermore, also takes advantage of the "herd effect" of retail investors, buying stocks at low prices and recommending them to group members, then quickly selling them for profit when the stock price rises. This market manipulation is not only unethical but also seriously disrupts market order.


Scam 6: Taboo on public discussion

avoids public discussions in the group, only allowing private communication and ignoring or not responding to any member's questions or doubts. This method makes the fraud more covert, and once the fraud is successful or exposed, they quickly disband the group and disappear, making it impossible for investors to hold them accountable.


uses a series of disguises to deceive investors, attracting crowds through advertisements, advertorials, social media promotions, and other means. He establishes seemingly professional stock market discussion groups, with team members playing various roles to attract and brainwash real investors.

This case reminds us that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the investment market. Investors must conduct thorough market research and risk assessment before making any investment decisions. Choosing reputable and officially certified investment platforms or institutions is crucial for investment.

Finally, it is important to remind all investors to remain vigilant and make rational investments, as it is the best defense against becoming victims of fraud. Remember, true investment takes time and patience, and any scheme promising quick wealth often hides significant risks.

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