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Nov 3, 2009
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Make Money by uploading Files and sharing your Links

Earn up to 20 € for 1000 Downloads.
For every advertised Premium Account you earn 1 €
We pay you 10% from the money earned from affiliates who you referred to our Service

We have following rates and earnings

We count all countries - All Prices are for 1000 Downloads

Sign up now and start earning money with uploads!

. Every member has the normal rank at the beginning, this means up to 10 € for 1000 downloads
. For every advertised Premium Account you earn 1 €
. After you earn 20 € you can request a Payout
. Payments are payed out to PayPal or MoneyBookers Account within one Day
. Perfect controll of your Files - Use Folders, Export, Delete, Rename or move Files
. Upload Files via our Uploadtool, Remoteupload and FTP-Upload

tips how to raise your rank

Your rank mainly depends on your conversion ratio which includes

1. The ratio of the users that downloaded your files and then become premium.
2. The ratio of uploaded files to number of downloads.

The rates depends on the status of your account Rank.
Every night our system calculates the productivity of every webmaster and establishes the ranks.
The activity of a user account will be checked every night automaticly and raise or drop down ranks.

After signup every member receives the LITE rank.
Each member can easily estimate that his rank will be extended to PRO or VIP rank.
But this is only possible, if the activity is good enough and premium selling is at a confortable rate.
If our system detects low quality downloads or low activity, it will raise your rank to a lower one.
Our system will check the ratio (ratio is counted by files, premium sales, downloads, content, country traffic) and correct your rank.

payment proof .

register : http://freakshare.net/?ref=150079

if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask thanks .
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