ROY Club -

    Some info about PRIZM (PZM): As everyone already knows, PRIZM (PZM) is a fully decentralized and self-regulated electronic currency. Allowing any user to quickly and reliably make money transfers. Forging: The main tool for the development of a network of users is forging (from the English...
  2. T

    [EVENT] BITHOLIC Website Revamp Event

    BITHOLIC is back with a new look! WHOLE NEW IMPROVED EXPERIENCE! Hurry up and don’t miss the event prepared for this important moment! From the new version of BITHOLIC, users can expect that: – they would trade cryptocurrencies more conveniently by choosing the device they want. – they could...
  3. J

    BTC-Upgrade - The RARE legitimate opportunity!

    Life is really precious and enjoyable too, especially when there are financial certainty and security, but that often is missing. Sometimes, it is to do with genuine issues while sometimes, it is to do with NEVER ending desire of wanting more. Nothing can be done about the latter one, as it’s a...
  4. ultraForex

    [ANN]OTOCASH (OTO) - A Future Currency

    WWW.OTOCASH.IO A Future Currency With OTOCASH Scrypt-PoS Based Cryptocurrency CURRENT SUPPLY 38254589 OTO CURRENT WALLET VERSION V1.0.1 TRADE : CREX24 ALTILLY FINEXBOX COIN RANK : CoinMarketCap CoinGecko CoinCodex More listings will be announced soon WALLET| EXPLORER 1 |...
  5. M

    [ANN] [BOUNTY] PLATFORM MeGaBytecoin ($MGB) | PoS\MN | Quark Algo

    MeGaBytecoin ($MGB) ABOUT: YouTube Killer Blockchain Platform designed for video content Will receive a large viewing from film fans and content creators alike. It's hard to imagine our lives without the film making industry. We watch our favorite films repeatedly with glee, discover old...
  6. J

    Renovato - Crypto/Forex Exchange!

    In today’s life, imagining achieving love, dreams and luxuries without stress is as tough as walking on the water, it actually is impossible! So with so much tension, how do one cope with the ever-increasing demands, especially financially? The answer is with doing something, where you call...
  7. B

    [ANN]Masternode Browsing Coin [MNBC] - Its all About coin Stats POS/MN

    Masternode Browsing Coin] Its All About Coin Stats Website | Discord | Github | Wallets ABOUT MNBC Coin The MN Browsing Coin is an open-source and decentralized privacy platform build on the blockchain and designed to work with any masternode coin. MN Browsing Coin mission is to grow a...
  8. J

    New Airdrop: Coinxes

    New Airdrop: Coinxes 💲 Total reward: 15 CXG [~$3] + 30 CXG [~$6] per referral 🔴 Start the Telegram Bot (🔘 Register an account on the Coinxes ( 🔘 Join Coinxes's Telegram ( 🔘 Follow...
  9. B

    [ANN] [POS/MN] [BOUNTY] Bamboo for panda, grow your crypto community today!

    Hi all, very excited to finally post this ANN! Over a year ago panda started off as a staking bot for specific coins, gradually picking up momentum to finally become what it is today - a project which requires its own blockchain to automate payments within the platform. We are now serving almost...
  10. H

    Larvelfaucet - Choose 3 Coin - Proof of Payment

    About: GET FREE CRYPTOCURRENCY Larvel faucet is the easiest way to get your hands on cryptocurrency, Claim tokens to convert to altcoins with no timer in shorturls. The tasks and shorturls are reset at periodical intervals from 5 minutes to 1 day depending on the shorturl services. Get...
  11. G

    TOACOIN | Travel Cryptocurrency that offer guarantee return for 6 months contract

    6 months【18% guaranteed return】. Invest in this latest Travel Cryptocurrency that already listed in the top exchange market and back by contract with the investor. #Askmemore Toa Coin is a travel cryptocurrency designed for the travel industry and has its own blockchain technology. Currently...
  12. Ms Senorita

    Berjuta wang kripto dibekukan selepas kematian pengasas Kanada

    TORONTO, 6 Feb – Sebanyak C$180 juta (RM560.7 juta) wang kripto telah dibekukan dalam akaun pengguna platform digital Kanada Quadriga selepas satu-satunya pengasas, yang menggunakan kata laluan bagi mendapatkan akses, telah meninggal dunia pada Disember. Gerald Cotton meninggal dunia pada umur...
  13. B

    [ANN] GRIN CASH | PoS & MN | Anonymous Sharing For All | ALPHA OPEN | PRESALE

    Website | Paper | Github | Discord | Explorer | Wallets Visit GrinCash's Music Streaming Alpha - Grinphony
  14. B

    【LAUNCHED】【BTC2】Bitcoin 2, BTC Fork 1:1, PoS 🔥 Zerocoin, Anonymous ⚡️Instant

    【LAUNCHED】【BTC2】Bitcoin 2, BTC Fork 1:1, PoS 🔥 Zerocoin, Anonymous ⚡️Instant Links Website: - Masternode and Staking ROI Exchanges: Crex24, Forkonex Twitter: Facebook: Reddit...
  15. Z

    [ANN] 💎 WORLDOPO 💎- strategy game on blockchain with money withdrawal

    Whitepaper | Private Policy | Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer
  16. H

    Satoshi - Faucet - Offers - Lottery + ( 1000 Satoshi Sign-up Bonus )

    About: Join us and get 1000 Satoshi for the start We started in 2019, we are constantly developing, we want to introduce new methods of earning for people, visit us every day! Free Bitcoins The easiest way to get BitCoins EVERY DAY, log in with the address of your BTC wallet (no password...
  17. J

    [ANN] [BGX] BitcoinGenX || Zerocoin & Green Protocol || PoS/MN || 5M MAX SUPPLY Pre-sale Information - 11 Masternodes 6 Masternodes (Angel Investor) - 5 Individual Masternodes (Other Investors)...
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