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  • Hello,
    My name is Maryann,I saw your profile/comments today and i became interested in you,please i will also like to know you more,if you do not mind please kindly contact me via my private email address, i will then send you my pictures and also tell you all about me.Please my dear be honest to me so that i will introduce myself very well to you,Here is my email address([email protected]).
    I believe we can move from here,please i am waiting for your warm response via my email address above.
    Always remember that age,color or distance does not matter in relationship rather love and understanding.
    Love from,
    lama tak nampak avatar nie...... water filter FnR tuan tak nak tukar ke....
    Apapun saya sekarang nie push biz baru sebab kekuatan produk & plannya

    Produk Maca/Delima/Xpose & Olive Oleo

    Plannya, bagi saya the real Pairing game sebabnya Pairing dibayar bukan setakat sekali sahaja dari pendaftaran ahli baru TETAPI berkali2 melalui Pendaftaran ahli baru, penambahan akaun, repeat sale & automaintain.

    Jadi tak de le konsep head hunting.....

    boleh surf web saya;

    Join INSTAFOREX under our group affiliate code SUC

    Our group subject:


    --We provide fast service for IB & client

    --We provide Forex business, welcome join us and be our SUB IB

    --We provide all service at Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore,Hong Kong....:)

    Please contact. PM sini
    Phone contact: 014-3087578( MR.CHOO)
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    Troyz, nak spare part fnr saya dah boleh supply....nak unitnya pun ada. Tapi kalau nak buat biz network, saya ada 2 biz stakat nie dalam satu web....detail boleh tengok kat

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