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How to Find Freelance Engineering Talents

Posted 07-03-2018 at 09:40 PM by rajdavid841

Some experienced engineers leave their jobs full time with a predictable and stable salary, to launch themselves in search of the great challenge of Finding Freelance Engineering Jobs, in order to gain the freedom to establish their own professional project. Others are forced to take this path due to the wave of layoffs due to the relentless crisis we are experiencing. Whatever the case, these engineers have reached an important level in their technical learning curve and now they must find a way...
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Future of the Freelancing Telecom Engineer Job Market

Posted 07-03-2018 at 09:37 PM by rajdavid841

FieldEngineer is a platform where the Field Engineers that have spare time or might be in between jobs, can pick up contracts available in their local community. Itís a Freelance Marketplace for Telecom Engineers. When a line fails, or a new installation order is placed, telecom companies submit a work order to us. We then alert our network of Field Techs that a job is available. The project is awarded, and the issue is resolved within hours, instead of days or weeks.
By hiring Freelance...
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How to Become an Engineering Consultant?

Posted 07-03-2018 at 09:30 PM by rajdavid841

Engineering consultant is a person with a high technical level who can provide his clients with clarity and understanding of complex problems through a diagnosis, and then design and deliver solutions that adapt perfectly to the client's requirements. To achieve this, they must combine their technical knowledge with the best tools and techniques of commercial management for the sale of high-tech solutions.
Millions of professionals fighting for a low-paid job. I propose that you stop begging...
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Dropship agent wanted

Posted 15-01-2018 at 10:07 AM by nonia

All peeps from Malaysia and Brunei. Sya mencari part time and full time agent dropship. 100 orang sahaja ! Kemasukan segera. Mencari agent yang bersungguh2 dan tak mudah berputus asa. Ws 0173103210.

✅ada telegram
✅tanpa modal
✅tanpa yuran
✅profit tinggi
✅tiada target sales
✅tak perlu pek dan pos
✅200++ produk viral
✅promosi/tips2/free gift
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Posted 07-01-2018 at 08:36 PM by RuthlessFairy


Lagi. kau hilang dengan kata tipuan kau.
meninggalkan aku sendiri mencari jawapan. macam main puzzle.

entah untuk keberapa kalinya.

aku tahu. tahu dia ada disamping kau.
mungkin ketika ini dia berada di tempat dimana tempat selalunya aku.

pedih. lebih pedih bila kau menafikannya.
bertambah pedih bila kau sentiasa mencari alasan tanpa bukti.
berat sangat hati ini kau kerjakan.berat walaupun hati aku...
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